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A Novel of the Mountain Meadows Massacre

Suffer the Children novel

There are two sets of children in this novel. The first involves the children of the Mormons who suffered persecution in Missouri and Illinois in the late 1830’s and early 1840’s. These children can be included with the children of the Fancher-Baker Wagon Train who were not murdered at Mountain Meadows in 1857 but who saw it all and were eventually returned to relatives in Arkansas.The second set of children in the novel are the grown up children who perpetrated, endorsed or passively accepted atrocity as something approved by God.

My Secret Thoughts
The Soul Knows Its Secrets, The Body Does Too
Poetry & Paintings .

My Secret Thoughts

From the first moment at birth when we begin taking in cues and clues as to where we have arrived after mortal awakening. Such leads us to a wonder within and not the mortal words we have yet to learn, to compose into phrases and to speak out loud, “Who am I?”
We begin to seek identity using the resources at hand. This is our Eden, our first home which we perceive with wide-eyed innocence and abounding curiosity.
As we take in all that comes our way, we begin to assume things based on what we have learned, what we imagine visible things, sights and sounds to be and make assumptions as to where we are, who we are and how we belong.

For all who came before us and whose stories touch our lives the blood of our ancestors  tells us who we really are.

And Should We Die

Rose Blake and her family in England are trapped in circumstances and events that are destroying their lives. Jacob Hannah is a violent man called to preach by Brigham Young in an effort to save his soul. Based on an actual historical event, And Should We Die is human nature at it’s best and worst, a struggle to survive against an unforgiving mother nature.
And Should We Die is ultimately a love story from out of the history of the American West.