Lietta: Into our new residence

We are in our new to us and still new as built 5 yrs ago 2 bdrm apt.

We are spending sometime to rest from all the moving of u-haul box after box for the 2 months of Jan and Feb. It is 2nd day of April and we have done enough in the last 3 months to sit quietly, enjoy the new place. Or feel the safety of the new place, that part is so me! Struggle with aches and pains of moving, ie, frozen shoulders from all the lifting, husband and his swollen ankle daily, and all in all could have been worse for both of us. We are so relieved that most of our health is left that enabled us to do the move. So many of the boxes went to Thrift stores and as I and husband let go of our belongings, was kind of tough and yet we had to do it eventually.


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