Here we go again … finally

Nothing like a yurt, a park bench, a Coleman stove and camping chairs to make it a good day!!

First Report

Well it’s about time after all that hiding from Covid, strangers and being sequestered in our home overlooking the Spokane River to the South and listening to the river-like noise of I-90 immediately to the North.

Lietta and her faithful sidekick have made it a creative and productive spring and summer with raised bed gardening, corn growing in an adapted plastic kiddie pool, strawberries, cabbage, broccoli and tall cages for tomatoes, peas and beans. Zucchinis and lettuce eaten fresh and an incredible collection of blooming flowers.

The long hot summer took a toll on some of the plants who usually don’t get huge doses of sunlight and temperature like we saw.

We’ve watched so many video series on the Roku starting with standard entertainment fare like every season and episode of NCIS, for example as well as comedies, and other dramatic productions. We learned that the British, Australian and other sources on ACORN have many (in my opinion) better written and plotted dramas than the slam-bang shoot-em-up-get-to-the-bedroom scripts of American instant-gratification entertainment.

When we had seen most of what caught our attention on ACORN, we switched to BritBox and have a whole new reservoir of better written and performed comedy and drama.

And at bedtime we watched all the COACH episodes and are currently on our third trip through Frasier.

That ought to lay the groundwork for why we want to get away from it all (although we’re bringing our wireless kindle devices for reading and wireless connections to whatever is available.

As the long hot summer dragged on our plans to go on a camping trip moved further into late summer and early fall. So next week we are getting the hell out of Dodge. We’ve prepared with several new camping items, inspected and repaired our two tents and their tent poles, and have gathered the needful.

We will make a dress rehearsal camp activity just north of here for three days while we try out the new stuff and take care of what we already know about camping.

We are late comers to the Covid escape phenomena but of course we know we deserve it. We are learning lots from the assorted camping sites and how-to’s that Lietta has been researching ceaselessly, excitedly and with determination.

I, on the other hand, just sit around and look pretty.


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