Self-quarantine 3-1-20-20


Self-quarantine and social distance update for Ruger family.

On essential oils. Hundreds of sources remind us that essential oils are not effective at protecting you from coronavirus.

Well hell we know that! We are under no illusions that oil of kumquat or any other kind will protect us.

Having said that, I confess that in our multilevel resort house in North Idaho I usually turn on five diffusers – mostly around the living room, kitchen and both bathrooms.

What for?

Well for the wonderful odors and variety of odor choices available in an inexpensive way. I’ll tell ya … Peppermint, spearmint, lemon grass, tea tree, eucalyptus, or whatever, do more for creating a wonderful aroma around here than any amount of them there plug-in deodorizers or aerosols that pass for smell and you good spray onto your armpit.

Oh, and another thing, I have an excellent incense burner that flavors the living room temporarily with smoke – especially when other odors linger.

There’s also this: Smudging. “You take a bunch of dried sage, twist it into a stick shape, then light one end of the “stick” on fire and then blow it out. The resulting smoke “smudges” the air in the room and the properties in the smoke kill most of the existing bacteria in the air.”-

Finally, Lietta made an awesome cinnamon potpourri than puts out a scintillating odor in the kitchen from a saucepan on the stove that cooks on low.

So here’s a vote for something that is truly therapeutic to my mind and soul through the olfactory process. You do what you gotta do to stay sane and sedate.


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