Self Quarantine Update 3-16-20


Dancing with two churches (Episcopal and LDS) who are reaching out to us via email and texting. Offers to lovingly come and check up on us to which we lovingly respond “Please, no thank you. But keep up the emails and texts.”

Overdosing on the news channels as if more versions of the same news clips would be helpful. And admiring all the state officials who are sincerely acting decisively with the difficult choices and offering no “it’s not my fault” whining.

Serenading My Lady every day or every other day with that awesome Clavinova for as long as possible until the spine starts shouting at me.

Looking forward now that the cold snap has passed to walking outside with temps in the 40’s.

Lietta put our classy chess game with its glass pieces on the dining room table and looks at me with speculating eyes.


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