3-17 Sunday at UU … The Anthropocene … and then exploration of another Church of Christ.

I had the music at the UU today and did okay … except for the meditation piece that I selected. Things I Didn’t Know which was composed for Lietta at our wedding in 1996.

I should have had printed on the program “A song I forgot how to play.” T’was a disaster but Lietta thinks I managed to fool them with ad-libbing a chord pattern.

Lietta made a short speech about her discovery and recent readings on the Anthropocene.

Grieving the Anthropocene

After church I dropped Lietta off at a thrift store and drove a few blocks north to Pilgrim Market. The thrift store was closed so Lietta walked up to Pilgrim and passed a Church of Christ on the way. After looking it up on google she found a site for what turned out to be the Mormon-related Temple Lot Church and asked that we go to their 5:00  p.m. service to investigate.

Turns out there is no connection and this Church of Christ is a community biblical church. We stayed for the whole service.

Then home to supper and an evening with Deadwood.


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