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Same old same old cold outside. Sunshine for the day. A pellet run to Ziggy’s while Lietta listened to Sunstone Podcasts.

Afternoon we were able to get HBO Now on a free trial membership in order to watch the 4-hour documentary about the two men who were abused by Michael Jackson when they were children.


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By the time the second part of Leaving Neverland concluded Monday night, the documentary, in which two men explicitly detail being sexually abused by Michael Jackson, had already become a cultural phenomenon.
The stomach-turning stories shared by Wade Robson and James Safechuck, the two accusers in the film, made headlines. The Jackson estate erupted in fury. “Truthers”—Jackson fans staunchly defending the late pop star’s innocence—flooded social media with attacks against the filmmakers and journalists reporting on the documentary, armed with caches of “evidence” that they claim forever exonerates the star. The jarring nature of what Robson and Safechuck allege triggered a cultural hysteria over Michael Jackson and his legacy.
The impressive second part of Leaving Neverland does important work moving beyond the salacious details of the sex acts the two accusers say Jackson seduced them into. It follows Robson and Safechuck as they become married family men forced to come to terms with the abuse they spent a lifetime burying and not understanding, eventually being moved to come forward.


We were both intensely attentive for five hours with these two videos. The film was excellent in its communicative style and Oprah, who has up close exposure to this issue was a good choice to do what essentially was a debriefing for all who have close-up experience with this issue as well as those who watched the documentary.




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