2-26 Journey to vision in Spokane and back.

i-90 winter traffic

We were up and moving by 6:00 in order to be out of the house by 7:30. Check-in time at the Rockwood Eye Surgery Center was 8:30 am. A bit nervous enroute because we were right in the middle of the morning commute,  but we managed to arrive with about 15 minutes to spare.

MultiCare Rockwood Eye Surgery Center

Surgery for staff was routine and their professional demeanor and preparation were helpful. I was able to be with Lietta in the surgical waiting room until it was time to take her into the actual surgery.

Lietta seemed to be in good spirits and had come to trust both the doctor and the staff.

The wait for me out in the lobby was less than 30 minutes.

When they brought me back in there she was all decked out in enormous black sunglasses looking kinda hippy-like, relaxed and marveling at how comfortable she had been.

All advised and counseled on post-op behavior, protective methods and what to expect, we left and drove to The Chalet for a simple breakfast. Rewarded ourselves with a piece of pie for desert.

Then home to launch into the routine of careful recovery as instructed.

Lietta took a seat on the recliner and we played some podcasts until she got drowsy. Went to bed early and taped a plastic guard over her right eye so as not to allow touching or bumping.




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