2-25 Prep for tomorrow, Sunstone and Soup

Our thoughts today were on tomorrow when Lietta will undergo cataract surgery on  her right eye at the Rockwood Eye Surgery Center in Spokane.

Our listening exploration of our cultural spirituality led us into articles and podcasts at the Sunstone site.

Image result for Sunstone Magazine

starting with a  great article by Greg Prince which Lietta read and subsequently requested that we become donors/contributors to the Magazine. I had a Sunstone subscription in the 1980’s and a collection of old issues that I disposed of when we moved out of the condo in Spokane.

So I signed us up anew to obtain online access to podcasts available only to donor. We then spent the rest of the day listening to an assortment including the podcast version of Greg Prince’s essay.

Image result for greg prince sunstone own your religion

“As Honey for Sweetness,” “The Madness of Faith,” and “Former Mormons Catechize Their Kids”

“Single Men in 19th-century Mormonism” and “Single in the Borderlands”

“Adam, Which Was the Son of God” and “Leonard Arrington: A Life in Quotes”

“Why Ritual Makes Sense,” three poems, and a short story

“On Outrage,” and “Danites, Damsels, and World Domination: Mormons in the Dime Novels”

Lietta made hamburger soup after which spent some time with Roku.

Finished with Kim’s Convenience before going to bed.



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