2-24 Church and state of freezing things in CDA

Morning routine around the warmth of the stove.

I cooked a hot salad to take to church today. We enjoyed the meeting and Lietta lit a candle for having spoken to her Dad for first time in 50 years.

Issue  discussions during potluck afterwards.

Home to our Sunday spirit stuff.

Listened to a podcast or two then turned them off.

Lietta slow cooked a pork roast and apple pieces and I added two small baked potatoes to my plate.

Watched a Finnish video called Bordertown which we did not continue after an episode or two.

Image result for bordertown netflix

Then the latest Real Time with Bill Maker which aired two days ago.

Image result for real time with bill maher

Which was entertaining but left us sober or mad or whatever. So we ended the TV time with this
Image result for toronto korean comedy


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