A very special Father, Daughter and Granddaughter Time.

This moment gets its own special posting.

Russell Wagner and his Harmonica

Jennifer Wagner, who is a granddaughter of Russell Wagner (Lietta’s father) went LIVE on Facebook at noon and made a video of Russell playing the harmonica at a nursing home in Slidell, Louisiana.

I can only add that this became a most special moment in time for Lietta. There was a light in  her eyes for the rest of the day.

I have added the FB comments beginning with Lietta’s:


Spent the afternoon with my father (87 yrs old) playing harmonica at Slidell, LA nursing home via graciousness of his granddaughter, who live streamed it for me. She is caregiving him in his home. My father knew I was watching, again, via granddaughter Jennifer Wagner. My husband, Arthur Ruger had kind things to say and appreciated my father as musician. My husband also very much appreciated my sharing moment with my father. The point of posting this is because there has been little to no contact with my father over last 50 years. I am so pleased to get opportunity to share with him in these, his last years.

Willard Wagner I am so pleased to hear this Lietta. Those were well spent moments and you will never forget them. I know he was grateful you spent this time watching him with his harmonica.
  • Lietta Ruger Yes, and thank ou for your encouragement, Uncle Willard. Your compassion was helpful in causing me to reach out.
    Jennifer Wagner Willard Wagner i sent you a friend request Russell my pawpaw would like to video chat trying to show him the plus side to these spiffy phones
    • Willard Wagner Jennifer Wagner 
      ok Jennifer, I will look for it and answer. Thanks.

      Lietta Ruger Willard Wagner I wanted to vouch for Jennifer, she has been exceedingly helpful in facilitating both of us, my father, Russ, and myself, and my husband, too.

    • Willard Wagner Lietta Ruger
      I just talked with Russell by video. He’s looking pretty good. Jennifer hooked us up together. She’s a great lady.
      Denitta Ortiz Thank you for sharing this. And yes emotional to see him in the Video. And listen to him play and tell a brief story before each song.

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