2-22 Fun to be warm indoors with a spectacular and constant snowy view. Podcasts and “What They Had.”

Digital Fire

Busy with routine and constant view of snow scenes.

We listened to podcasts including this excellent and thought provoking one from Mormon Matters. My scrabble friend, Dan Wotherspoon, conducts these podcasts.

We recommend it!

This next one was okay and we listened to most of it:


Then fun stuff at the Azteca for the lunch special taco salad for Lietta and a burrito plate for me.

We followed up with trip to the dreaded store we don’t talk about so Lietta could return  some clothes items and replace them while I went shopping for some grocery items. We both thought the Hayden store had higher prices than the Post Falls store of the same  name.

Then a brief stop at Winco to pick up Clamato Juice after Lietta talked to an elderly woman who swore by it.

Image result for clamato

Evening of light supper (cause we ate at Azteca around 3:00) followed by this interesting movie on Amazon Prime:

Image result for what they h ad
What They Had may be the best movie yet made about Alzheimer’s and its impact on families —  a timely topic, since the Centers for Disease Control has estimated that America’s dementia-patient population will double to 13.9 million by 2060, and family members are often the caregivers. Writer and director Elizabeth Chomko, inspired by her own experience after her grandmother’s diagnosis, superbly gets to the heart not only of the Alzheimer’s patient — the focus of most of the very few movies that dare to tackle it — but of everyone in the family.
Blythe Danner, 75, is ethereally realistic as the patient, a Chicago grandma who slips between the present and the past, sometimes acutely aware of her precarious condition, at times piercingly insightful, and sometimes blithely oblivious, such as when she wanders from home into a midnight Christmas blizzard, panicking everyone. As her husband and caregiver, who shouts down any talk of sending her to a “memory facility,” Robert Forster, 77, gives a performance so moving that Hollywood insiders give him good odds for his second Oscar nomination. This film should be awash with honors.



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