2-20 Homebodies riding out the cold wave.

Temps still going down into teens at night. We stayed warm and took drive to Freddy’s for a few necessaries.

Lietta most of the day reading and taking notes from McDannell book.

Sister Saints: Mormon Women since the End of Polygamy by [McDannell, Colleen]

Which led to serious and productive conversation … heart to heart.

Later watched the Dance Academy previously unseen episodes.

Awesome ad lib recipe of chicken, green salsa and chiles and jalapenos with generous cheese and tortillas we found with only 13 carbs each as opposed to 20 on all the rest.

I read while she watched he medical shows, The Good Doctor, The Resident and New Amsterdam.

Just before bedtime I listened to my piano album with the headsets and fell asleep on the other couch. When her shows were up she woke me up.


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