2-15 Snow outside … Sister Saints …

It snowed all day  long.

Episode 1: Colleen McDannell and Sister Saints
On this episode, co-host, Cristina Rosetti, sits down with Dr. Colleen McDannell to talk about her new book, Sister Saints: Mormon Women Since the End of Polygamy. Dr. McDannell is the Sterling M. McMurrin Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Utah. Her research covers topics such as the history of Heaven, Vatican II, …

Sister Saints: Mormon Women since the End of Polygamy by [McDannell, Colleen]
This podcast was so good for Lietta, she bought a  book

I cooked some pinto beans with bacon, garlic and onions after soaking them for almost two days, rinsing them two or three times. Good stuff and I ate two soup cupfuls for breakfast.

Instead of buying big fat chicken breasts I had purchased two whole chickens for about $10. Baked one today and boned it. There was a  lot more chicken to work with than even what is found in a pre-baked whole chicken from the store deli.

Lietta made an awesome chicken with mozzarella dish with a side of asparagus which we ate by watching this week’s episodes of Trevor Noah’s the Daily Show.

Then I sat in the living room with her and continued reading my library book (A Longmire Mystery) while Lietta watched a video about Whitney Houston and then Lorena Bobbitt.

Image result for whitney houston can i be me documentaryImage result for bobbitt movie 2019 amazon



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