2-14 Eye doctor, chinese buffet and the final Matrix movie.

Rescheduled from last week cause of bad weather. Lietta had counseling appointment and set up cataract surgery for two weeks off. We left relieved because the surgery should help her vision, result in new and improved prescription for  new glasses and … best of all … her eye condition is not a function of her diabetes.


Treated ourselves after the appointment as we usually do. This particular buffet offers a little better opportunity to manage her intake.

Then home just as new snowstorm started. Before going inside I took the snow shovel and a banded set of longer poles to knock the icicles and accumulated snow from the edges of the rain gutters. It was knee deep and looked like a prowler had struggled across the lawn and came up to the window.

Arthur snow tracks2



Arthur snow tracks

Afterward I had to come in and put my hands directly in front of the pellet stove.

Eventually with a few snacks (cause we had eaten at the buffet earlier) we took on the final Matrix movie.

Image result for matrix revolutions

It was in many ways tedious with way too much karate and mechanized warfare that reminded us of the battle scenes from AVATAR, STAR WARS, STAR TREK, LORD OF THE RINGS, etc. etc.

Lietta fell asleep and I eventually wound up on the edge of my chair, not from excitement, but from concentrating on whatever the movie was trying to convey. Toward the end when the messiah Neo was blinded by Smith, I was very much reminded of  the messiah being blinded in the Dune novels in which he retained his sight.

Eventually I had to look it up and did so … then fell asleep reading it. Matrix ending explained


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