2-11 Watershed podcast, Prince and two good movies

Lietta posted this on her FB timeline after we first heard it … then listened to it two more times. She wrote:

Sunstone Podcast Episode 7: You Can Leave the Church, But Can’t Leave It Alone?

In this special episode from Sunstone Phoenix, John Larsen debunks the myth that “you can leave the church but can’t leave it alone,” and suggests ways of rewriting this old script.

Listen to this episode here.

This was an Awesome Awesome podcast that so strongly resonated with me, and I do totally agree. I want my husband, Arthur Ruger to own his identity, and I want to walk beside him in this path.. Thank you John LarsenLarsen for your own full circle journey in, out of the Church, yet distinguishing that what is called the Church is Not the people or the identity of the people. It is merely a church. No more following the script! Teach the young to learn, own, share their identity. I loved this podcast!

Afterward we ventured out to find 9-volt batteries after Lietta had me check the smoke alarm.

Lietta watched this 20/20 episode while I was in on laptop

Image result for prince 20/20

Then excellent leftover soup supper and two movies.

Image result for the promise

During and after which we searched and found lengthy information on the Turkish genocide of Armenians during WWI.

Then Joaquin Phoenix:

Image result for Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot


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