2-10 Monday shut ins … enchilada soup … the Bakkers and The Debt


Temps in the low teens this morning. Rose to may 20 degrees during the day.

Listened to Morning Edition (NPR) and morning routine. Stove working well given the temperatures.

We decided against going to Church today.

I went into man cave and worked on a re-design of the table basketball game I created back in the 1970’s.

Lietta reading and texting most of the morning before she cut up a large chicken breast and had me make enchilada sauce. Then she created an enchilada chicken soup in the three small black crock pots which made a supper to die for.

Dined while watching the Roku and got captured by what I thought would be boring but was genuinely entertaining and informative.

Image result for jim and tammy bakker 20/20
Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker

Then something even better on Amazon Prime with superb acting.

Image result for The Debt



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