2-9 Dang! It’s cold …


Lietta getting restless (stir crazy) at home be we hunkered down all day until around 2:00 when it was sunny outside, no sign of snowfall, the wind had died down and I could see traffic moving “normally” down on Seltice.

I cooked the bacon pizza crust and topped it with cheese and veggies for breakfast.

Then to our own entertainments including her decorating the new open space and the dinning room table for use.

I asked if she wanted to go ahead and make the trip to Winco we’d thought about.

Here eyes lit up and I knew I had done a good thing.

After a careful time at Winco we took a short drive in the waning sunlight and returned home. I shoveled off the walkway to the front door.

Lietta cooked an excellent dish of Lebanese chicken breasts topped with an excellent sauce

Creamy Lemon Garlic Chicken

Of note on the Roku we watched two episodes on 290/20 Black Widow about a woman who poisoned two husbands and then attempted to poison her daughter, trying to frame her for the murders by faking her daughter’s supposed suicide note.

Image result for 20/20 season 41 episode 24 stacey castor

Then an episode about the daughter of the BTK killer that was as much about BTK as it was the daughter.

Image result for 20/20 season 41 episode 23

Ended the evening with more Naked Geologist episodes including Masada.

Image result for naked geologist masada



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