2-8 Letting it snow, no traveling and a Naked Archaeologist

Weather warning of snow today that once it started only continued.

Looking so bad that Lietta called and rescheduled eye surgery for next week.

Listened to 2 hours of Jordan Peterson on Audible before switching to This American  Life.

We did some housekeeping by taking down the Christmas Tree and storing in the basement. Lietta worked on the part of the living room where the flat screen used to be.

The day for us as definite shut-ins.

Ended the evening after supper with videos and my reading John Sandford. Letta found a kind of offbeat documentary by an offbeat scholar

Image result for naked archeologist

Image result for naked archeologist
The Naked Archaeologist[edit]
The television show was produced for VisionTV in Canada and History International in the US and was hosted and prepared by Jacobovici and Avri Gilad. The show ultimately reviewed biblical stories and then tried to find proof for them by exploring the Holy Land looking for archaeological evidence, making personal inferences and deductions and interviewing scholars and experts. After its original run on VisionTV, it was picked up in the U.S. by The History Channel and its sister network, History International.

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