2-5 Podcasts, Curtains, The Highwayman and IO.

Temp setting on heater worked well. When I got up it had just started running.

Morning browsing with coffee and Lietta’s special latte breakfast to take pills with.

Lietta listened to a couple of podcasts from This American Life

Image result for This american life

And then got a phone call from Wagner relative in Oklahoma and talked for most of an hour. I went into the basement and eventually found the curtains we wanted to install in the doorway to the upper bedroom to retard the loss heat drifting up into the hallway and keep more of it downstairs. So we took our all-wheel-drive Highlander to the nearest store selling tension rods (Walmart) and found just the right one. It proved to be a beneficial tactic.


I also found a cheap sauce pan and two microwaveable plates. Lietta found a great deal on essential oils for our diffusers.

Oh, and she found a whole array of garments for looking beautiful as a cold weather shut-in.

I approved.

She watched a couple of her regular shows that had new episodes while a read a mystery novel by, Craig Johnson,  the author of the Longmire series.

Longmire the Highwayman


I enjoyed it so much I’ve started reading it to  Lietta

We capped off the evening with a new Netflix original. I recommend it. Spectacular visuals but not so much action as cerebral.

Image result for netflix io


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