2-4 First day of cold snap, mid-twenties and down to single digit at night. Warm, snug, library and thee

Stayed warm, reading, coffee and online stuff.

Around 2:00 we decided to go to the library after a stop at the Azteca for the $6.99 lunch special. So far as I know we were among less than ten customers braving the cold.

Image result for azteca cda

Then to the CDA library and delightful time looking for books on cd and mystery novels for me to read under our cool antique lamp across from the pellet stove.


Lietta watching good stuff on Roku and me reading and dozing.

Till she decided I needed to learn about God’s wife, Asherah on Netflix

Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou, presenter of 'Bible's Buried Secrets' on BBC Two. Photo: BBC
Bible’s Buried Secrets: ‘Did God Have a Wife?



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