2-2 River Walk, Zucchini Boats and a couple of shark movies.

Image result for KROC River Walk CDA

By the time we decided to go to KROC and do the River Walk it was almost 1:00 pm and on a Saturday that means families and a lot more river walkers that are seen in this stock photo. Took a while to get an empty dressing room but we made it.

After spending half an hour dodging other river walkers and players, we eventually took a short and cold walk outside to get to the hot tub where the water is hotter and enjoyed it.

Then Lietta commenced to taking ornament of the Christmas tree in her art studio and I fell asleep on a recliner while reading. After I woke up, I wandered into the kitchen to make soup to take to Church tomorrow. Total vegetable soup, vegetable broth, taters, chopped green peppers, frozen corn, peas and beans. Spiced it up and will take it in the travel crock pot.

Lietta heated up the zucchini boats she’d made previously and we ate two each with homemade chili she had prepared last earlier in the week when she did all that cooking.

After that, remembering the podcast about the movie Jaws, we put it on. T’was still good after the zillionth time seeing it.


Still in a shark mood, we found the movie about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in the Pacific and the loss of more than 800 sailors who were killed by – you guessed it –  sharks.

Image result for Cage Indianapolis shark movie



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