2-1-19 Belated Anniversary Dinner, “I will find you and I will kill you!” and a great French actor playing an Italian sailor with greedy Spanish villains and Sigourney Weaver as the queen.

The morning Coffee routine with NPR and our double lazy boy recliner we bought for Christmas 2-3 years ago..

Then we wanted something to listen to that was not so serious stuff … something lightweight. We listen to podcasts using one of the karaoke speakers we bought from an Eastern Star couple a year or so ago. The speaker is connected to my laptop so we don’t have to wrestle with trying to program the podcasts to Alexa (where we listen to NPR or Spotify or our music collection that we uploaded to Amazon many years ago).




‘Taken’ Revisiting the action thriller almost 10 years later


‘Jaws,’ Taking a deep dive on a Spielberg classic

And then …. and then …. and then … along came the floating fun.

Image result for the cedars cda

We had reserved a table on the water at The Cedars Floating Restaurant on Lake Coeur D’ Alene for the early bird (4:00-5:30) special: a prime rib dinner and salad bar. It was an affordable celebratory dinner and apparently boomers from all over town think the same. The restaurant was full by 5:00. They chose a table with this card on it.

Image may contain: flower

Medium rare please. Lietta a baked potato and Arthur garlic mashed.



Home to the evening entertainment.

After listening to the podcasts, we decided we wanted to watch Liam Neeson. After  TAKEN, Lietta found this one and we watched it too. The Vangelis recording of the main theme has been part of our collection for years. Although Lietta saw it shortly after it came out, I had never seen it and was reluctant because I have been hostile to Columbus for years. I was surprised at how empathetic this bio-pic was to the Natives who discovered Columbus as he discovered them.

Image result for 1492 conquest of paradise
1492 Conquest of Paradise

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