1-31 Epiphanies


A very good day in unexpected ways.

There were plans to go to KROC and whatnot, but first NPR, coffee and morning routine.

Then we were captured by more podcasts each of which proved to be valuable.

Episode 249: The Time Commitment Required To Be A Good Mormon

Episode 247: The Ex-Mormon Struggle for Identity

Episode 240: Leaving the Church and Finding Yourself

pisode 226: Is the Mormon God a Narcissistic Psychopath?

A very special time after that last one in that the panel expressed things I had somewhat not succeeded in conveying to Lietta as to the Mormon concept of God that is so alien to any conventional idea elsewhere.

In my opinion a doctrine proposed by Joseph Smith but one  he obviously did not make logical extensions of how his notion would be expanded and institutionalized in a myopic and singular direction that would essentially emotionally enslave the membership.

We did not leave the house.

Later …

Chili  for supper and three more Conan shows





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