1-30 Cold outside, cozy inside, new bacon recipe and Conan O’Brien


I built a new folder for my bookmarks bar: “Podcasts”. Then did some searching and realized that we could listen to an incredible array of podcasts over an incredible array of topics indefinitely.

File that for when the weather turns us into shut-ins needing entertainment.


Today’s fare was from I-Tunes:

Wired for Altruism

Approaching with Kindness


Where Joy Hides


Unintended Consequences (think choosing to shoot 40,000 elephants)

We were having so much fun, we decided to stay in all day.

New recipe for supper: Bacon pizza crust

While watching  The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Mo Amer, a comedian Noah interviewed and Conan O’Brian all who made us laugh.

Image result for Conan O'Brien travel shows



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