1-29 Podcasts might be addicting.

Morning routine … coffee, warm fire and Thee.

Brunch meal of the day: Pork Chops, cauliflower, taters, applesauce and scrambled eggs.

Lietta wanted to know what happened to John and Zilpha Larsen’s marriage. They told us



Episode 227: The Divorce

Then we kept putting another one on the players.

Episode 270: Post Mormon Spirituality

Episode 266: The New Comers Guide to Utah Culture

Episode 265: John Delivers a Message to your Mormon Loved Ones

Episode 264: Mormonism and the Prosperity Gospel

Episode 261: The Church’s PR and Kate Kelly

Episode 260: Mormon Privilege in Utah

Episode 258: The Great Weird Off – Mormonism Vs. Jehovah’s Witness



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