1-28 It’s cold outside. Renewed interest in the old church and a day of podcasts

Warming up the house, close to the stove, coffee and Thee.

How come Mormons and Utah get so caught up in multilevel stuff? Sunstone Podcast Episode 5: Ponzi

And what about that guy who stirred up trouble by going hungry and asking the Church to knock off the closed door one-on-one interviews with children?

Sunstone Podcast Episode 1: Sam Young



Episode 284: What I learned being a Mormon and why it wasn’t all Bad

Episode 283: How we know beyond a shadow of a Doubt that the Church isn’t True

Episode 281: Top 10 Things You Would Expect To See If The Church Were Actually True

Episode 279: Top 10 Goofiest Things in the Doctrine and Covenants

Episode 275: How to Become an Ex-ex-Mormon

Episode 274: Mormonism Vs. Orwell

Episode 271: The Top Ten Lesser Known Mormon Scandals


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