1-27 Churching it, Freddy’s and home to youtube and finally … chagrin

Lovely morning routine with coffee, NPR, latte, avocado and fruit.
Then time to make the salad we’d promised to bring to church.

Image result for big green salad chopped lettuce

Salad was a hit: chopped lettuce and spinach, cucumbers, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes …

Image result for fred meyer logo

Replenished the produce, canned veggies, spices and other.

Lietta spent more time with Historian Dan Vogel on youtube.


Image result for dan vogel youtube
Polygamy, polyandry and whatnot

Later as outside went past sunset, Lietta read a message from Cheri congratulating us on our 23rd anniversary. Lietta turned and asked me what day it was and it dawned on us that it was the 27th. 23 years ago we were married on the shores of Lake Goodwin in Snohomish County in the home of a Christian Shaman of the Cherokee Good Medicine Society.

I walked over to the couch, sat next to her and took Lietta in my arms.

“Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.”

She laughed and we set about scheduling our Anniversary Dinner for this Friday at a special place on Lake Coeur D Alene.

Image result for floating restaurant cda idaho


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