Sunday 1-20 Church, Home, Roast Beef and Roku

Sunday Morning.

Reheated the leftover enchiladas to take to church cause there were too many carbs for Lietta.

niuu cda


Attended services followed by sem-annual business meeting with pizza and member-donated potluck items (such as our enchi-lasagnadas).

We volunteered to participate in a few activities. Lietta full of questions during the meeting and I’m thinking about stuff. I finally volunteered to do readings and give sermons. To my surprise, they took me up on it so now I’m committed to giving a sermon in four weeks. Subject of my choosing will be humanism.

Home to the warm fire and a cold afternoon outside.

Evening supper was an awesome roast beef Lietta prepared in the pressure cooker with potatoes, onions and carrots.

Image result for silk british legal

Supper and Roku. Discovered a new British legal series SILK, which looked good enought for us to watch three episodes before moving to the comedies.


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