Welcome to The Two of Us

Arthur and Lietta

There’s an Awesome Artist and Cantankerous Curmudgeon hiding away on South Hill in Spokane.

Doing what?

Well heck, they are exploring all the what’s-nexts connected to retirement, aging and simple enjoyment of being together.

We do lots of stuff …

put miles on the car …

painter at work
Painter at work: DO NOT DISTURB|

sample assorted cuisines …

go to movies and afterwards ask ourselves over coffee what we just saw …

work on a calendar that displays so many activities-so little time …

or (are you ready for this?) …

sit on our recliners and let the Roku device and snacks entice us through the evenings.

writer at work
Writer at work: Practicing the skills of Curmudgeonry.

Just the two of us … come often if you like.

xmas at The Conservatory Manito
Holiday Flowers at The Conservatory in Manito Park

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